Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 10:07:02 -0400


Subject: kimmelwick

thanks so much to everyone for the help on "pop goes the weasel".

unfortunately, since making the query, i've had the Damned tune going

through my head day and night. i hope you were not similarly


and now for something completely different...

in the buffalo, new york region, and no where else that i've ever

seen, there is a kind of (bread)roll called a kimmelwick roll. it's

a somewhat crusty sandwich roll with coarse salt on the top which

i've only seen used for hot roast beef sandwiches (very jus-y), which

we call "roast beef on 'wick" (upon which horseradish is the only

approved condiment). the wegman's supermarket chain has now spread

kimmelwicks across western new york, but when i was a kid, we made a

special point on all our visits to niagara falls to get a whole

bunch and take them home to freeze (we lived about an hour and a half

past the kimmelwick line).

can someone tell me:

-is the name german or dutch? (i assume german, b/c my german

grandmother's picnics featured r.b. on wick, but there are a lot

of dutch-descended people in that part of the world too; also, it's

not in my german-english dictionary, nor in my english dictionaries)

-do they have these things in germany/holland? i.e., is it

an imported food or a local invention in the german/dutch community

there? (or something else entirely)

-does anyone from any other region know the name?

-do people from other regions know the food but give it a different


i shouldn't do this--talking about foods i like and can't get is

always torture.

3 months til my next kimmelwick,