Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 00:56:35 -0400


Subject: Stove/Range

Ellen Polsky asked:


| Is the stove/range distinction purely regional, or is there a difference

| in meaning? Also, do those of you living on the East Coast use the term

| "swamp cooler" for an air conditioner-like device that cools using

| water? (It's very popular out here in Colorado.) I use the term "stove"

| exclusively (I come from Philadelphia), but "range" seems to be a much more

| popular term out here.

For me, 'stove' and 'range' refer to different kinds of appliances. A stove

has an oven underneath it, whereas a range doesn't, the oven being mounted on

a wall. I suspect that interior decorator-speak for what I call a range is

'cook top' or some such (I'm drawing a blank right now).

As for swamp coolers and airconditioners, I can't imagine using a swamp cooler

in the humid east. The last thing we need is more humidity in the air in the

summer (as a rule; this summer a little humidity would have been good, if it

had actually brought rain, and my tomatoes wouldn't still be green on the


Alice Faber

PS Do I gather from the H****** Oilers comments that Nashville is soon to have

a second professional sports team, alongside the N** J***** Devils???