Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 18:51:37 -0700

From: Rima & Kim McKinzey rkm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SLIP.NET

Subject: candy & measurements - take 3

I've tried to send this darn thing twice now, and for some reason it didn't

go through. Not that it's the Great American E-Mail Message or anything,

but it's frustrating!

Just read in the paper today, that when the UK changes systems on Oct. 1,

it will be an offense not to change. Retailers will be fined if caught

selling produce by the pound or cloth by the yard. Only beer will still be

allowed to be sold by the pint (Imperial). Somehow, I don't think that

would work here.

As far as candy bars go, if it isn't chocolate, why bother? My feeling,

terminology-wise, is that if it's about the right shape, it's a candy bar.

Who else remembers the Big Daddy taffy candy bars that we got in the movies

because they would last the whole time?