Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 08:18:12 -0700


Subject: Re: from Lynne re candy

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Dennis Baron wrote:

re: Lynne's last comments on (bar of) chocolate--

I've been thinking about Peppermint Patties (by York, not Chas. Schulz),

which are round, about 2.5 in in diameter (how many cm?), wrapped in silver

foil....I can almost taste them....anyway, to me they are definitely not

bars. But what then are they? Patties, I guess, though that doesn't seem

like a label I would use in informally discussing them.

Fascinating comment, which points I think to what the real weirdness is

with these terms. Bar, cup and patty seem to mean very little by

themselves; they have to be modified to make any sense. That's candy, we

can say. But that's a bar, meaning milky way, that's a cup, meaning a

fruit cup, or that's a patty, meaning hamburger, all sound a little weird

since for us the shape of something is not always its primary aspect.