Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 09:07:34 -0400


Subject: 3rd Candy Bar (H****** Oilers Fans, Take Note)

(uuummmmmm) there is actually a third American candy bar worth discussing.

Not always available outside the South (it is made in Nashville, which

is apparently about to be the home of the ex-H****** Oilers), it is

worth trying if you can get it. It comes in two versions. The original is the

GooGoo Cluster (I am NOT making this up); it is made of peanuts, caramel,

and marshmallow. The new kid on the block is the GooGoo Supreme; it has

pecans instead of peanuts.

A technicality: it is sort of round rather than oblong, but it is really

not a patty.

I had one instead of a Snickers last night, because it contains about

half the calories and fat of a Snickers. That's not because it's less

dense -- it's just smaller.

I likethe peanuts/caramel part of the GooGoo Cluster (the Supreme is not

really as interesting), but I am not a marshmallow fan, so I don't have one

of these very often.

Care packages can ocasionally be arranged for those of you who live outside

the area served by the South (my hostess gift to my e-friend in Sydney this

summer contained both GooGoo Clusters and GooGoo Supremes).

Bethany Dumas