Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 12:30:37 -0400


Subject: Re: reese's cups

Perfect. It's only barely a candy bar for me, if that much. But it brings

up another question. It clearly says "cup" and not "bar" in its title,

which in this case seems to refer to its shape (roundish rather than

rectangular). Now I understand what a "fruit cup" is because it's often

served in cup-like servers; but what does cup mean for Reese's? I guess

not having a vaguely rectangular (even if rounded like Payday) shape

disqualifies candy from being a candy bar. But size has something to do

with this too -- I can imagine inch-long, chocolate covered rectangular

morsels that could not be called candy bars -- even "bite-sized".

i think it's a cup because (it looks like) you start out with a dish-

shaped bit of chocolate, put pb in it, then seal it off. (i realize

that they may actually start out w/ a bit of pb & put choc around

it, but that's not what it looks like.)

also, it's in a piece of paper that looks like a baking cup.

this is torture, since i can't get them here. think i saw them at a

gourmet chocolate place once for around the equivalent of $3.