Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 09:56:40 -0400


Subject: Re: Masters programs and beyond

1) I have to convince my father that Grad School is worth it... I am

really interested in Linguistics, which would be my choice for

a masters, and perhaps a doctorate degree. However, my father, the

ultimate pragmatist, wants to know what the hell I'd do with the

degree... aside from teach. I said research, but I really couldn't

give him a good answer... Anyone have any ideas?

So what's wrong with teaching? It sure beats working.

Wayne Glowka

Professor of English

Director of Research and Graduate Student Services

Georgia College

Milledgeville, GA 31061



Hold it, Wayne! I need to answer this one, too. After this sixty hour

week, no pay for four months, and a twenty hour weekend of work ahead, I

must say that if our inquirer above wants to teach, he must be prepared

give many hours of life for a very small stack of our current medium of

exchange. I have delivered newspapers (11-12), flipped burgers (13-15),

bagged groceries (16-18), worked in a factory (18 [summer]), been in sales,

taught public school, worked all areas of radio, and _must_ say teaching on

the college level takes the most energy, dedication, and self-discipline.

I know you were being light-hearted, but it's been a long month (and this

medium is about the only place I have time to take a moment to say hi to

you even though you're two doors down the hall).


I have done all of the above except for teach public school and be a radio

personality, and I still think teaching beats working. Hi, by the way.