Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 02:31:24 EDT


Subject: Masters programs and beyond

Hey there again!

Since I've quit slothing around, I'll ask a question I've been meaning

to ask for a while here...

Most of y'all have at least a masters, some probably in Linguistics.

Three questions...

1) I have to convince my father that Grad School is worth it... I am

really interested in Linguistics, which would be my choice for

a masters, and perhaps a doctorate degree. However, my father, the

ultimate pragmatist, wants to know what the hell I'd do with the

degree... aside from teach. I said research, but I really couldn't

give him a good answer... Anyone have any ideas?

2) Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I should go? Is there any place

that's inherently (sp?) better that everywhere else?

3) I lied... The truth value of the above statement is false since I only

had two questions, I guess!


Thanks for reading!

KVK III (a Moreheadlian... just like Terry! Don't hold it against me! :-)

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Let it roll!

Let the bible belt come and

Save my sould!"

Jack and Diane

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