Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 23:11:34 -0400

From: crissie trigger crissiet[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IPOF.FLA.NET

Subject: Re: Going Decimal

Today I read your exchanges for the first time (normally the are read by my

friend at my address), I am English living in America (16yrs) as Bethany

Dumas said Britain 's currency went metric in the early 70's and by the mid

70's so had the weights & measures, it wasn't easy but we adapted and the

manufacturers helped by printing both imperial and metric weights on

packages, so I was vey surprised to read that it becomes official this year

(according to one of the corrispondent on this line).I suspect it wil not be

so easy for America to go metric , there's a lot more resistance here and a

much bigger area to cover and convert.

As for "Candy Bars", I think it's just another American Slang catch

all term for anything sweet to eat that's not a cookie or cake.In Great

Britain "Sweeties" does the same thing in most dialects in most areas of the


Imperial measure in both weights and liquidswas developed way back

in history and was used world wide fo many years before metric came in and

the histry of both are very interesting.though at this moment I cannot

recite it , I do know that the American gallon is unique to the

Americas!.Why I don't remember, when I remember this part of my History

lessons maybr I'll join in again. Till then thanks and Bye

Crissie Trigger

PS The Swedish experiance was interesting too, made for great conversation

for years I was there, again it was relatively easy due ot the size of the

country and number of people involved.