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Subject: ? Phrase: "Johnny at the rathole" (fwd)

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Subject: ? Phrase: "Johnny at the rathole"

We have another colloquial expression for which the patron wants to know

the *origin*!!!! We know the meaning; _Dictionary of Contemporary Slang_

defines it as meaning "an exceptionally enthusiastic, greedy person".

DCS cites Runyon, Damon. _Runyon on Broadway_ (Constable, 1950, no page #)

which we do not own.

Wall/Words & Phrases Index has references to _Dialect Notes_ 3:545+, 1911

and 5:167, 1922, which we do not have access to either at our library or

the two university libraries locally.

Patron heard as a child and still uses it. Her parents were of Irish

ancestry and she grew up in Ohio & Oklahoma; she thought it might relate

to the potato famine. Does anyone have access to the above sources or

something else that might help us out? TIA

Judy Swink/serra[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]