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Subject: Re: 'dental dam' (fwd)

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From: M. Lynne Murphy 104LYN[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

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Subject: Re: 'dental dam'

What is a dental dam?

it's a sheet of latex that dentists use for isolating particular

parts of the mouth to work on. dental dams are used for "safer"

cunnilingus. one hears about them a lot in lesbian safer sex

workshops/literature, but one rarely hears of them in heterosexual

safer sex education. (draw your own conclusions.)

in the earlier days of safer sex education, dams were difficult to

come by, but now they come in various colors, flavors, &c. even

though the lavender or minty ones are not used by any dentists i've

ever heard of, they're still called "dental dams."

yours from the sexual underground,