Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 10:04:19 EDT


Subject: Re: Mouse/Mice=House/Hice

Don writes

Have you noticed the increasing frequency of the use of -s- in the

plural of 'house'? Lots of people say 'housses' these days. People

from all over. I notice it on tv. Hice, no, housses yes.

You can plug this one into your problem too, Terry. Over the last 37

years of teaching I observed 'blouzes' give way to 'blousses' and now

the last one is going. DMLance

Paradigm leveling strikes again. But there's one little datum of revenge for

the [+voiced] crowd: A linguist friend of mine insists she has always

pluralized 'housewife' [HAWSwayf] as 'houZewives' [HAWZwayvz].

On a related topic, perhaps the unexpected palatalization of 'Pulitzer'--

which as some of us have observed was evidently pronounced PULLitzer by the

family--is a mere spelling pronunciation. If they'd just spelled it right,

even the most avid palatalizers would have curbed their instincts. I don't

think the linguist Geoff Pullum has trouble with anyone pronouncing his last

name PYU-lum, and I can't recall ever hearing about PYU-leys (as in ropes and

___) or, for that matter, PYU-lets (as in those surprising chickens).