Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 09:45:11 EDT

From: Douglas Bayer x3701 3NW dbayer[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]YUKON.HQ.ILEAF.COM

Subject: Re: Mouse/Mice=House/Hice

On a PBS show listed in the paper as "Wolves and Artist" last night,

the narrator used both /wUlfs/ and /wUlvz/ in one sentence.

And the plural "dwarfs" has fully replaced "dwarves" in kid-vid.

Also, spelling aside, no voicing survives in "wolf's" "wife's" "life's"

etc. (By contrast, ME "-ende" /In/, respelled "-ing", is just


So what are young urban polygamists callin' their other halfs anymore?

--Doug Bayer

PS: Don't forget "moose/meese."

On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Donald M. Lance wrote:

Have you noticed the increasing frequency of the use of -s- in the

plural of 'house'? Lots of people say 'housses' these days. People

from all over. I notice it on tv. Hice, no, housses yes.

You can plug this one into your problem too, Terry. Over the last 37

years of teaching I observed 'blouzes' give way to 'blousses' and now

the last one is going. DMLance