Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 21:39:35 -0500

From: Charles F Juengling juen0001[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU

Subject: Re: tardys vs. tardies


When I was in grade school, we learned the rule, "drop the y , add ies .

For years, when I was studying German, there were two "Germanies." Then

about 5 years ago, when the Germanies were reuniting, I saw nothing in

the papers except 'Germanys.' This violated everything I had ever

learned, both in English and German classes.

My first reaction to 'tardys' would be to say [tardIs]

Fritz Juengling

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Tom Uharriet wrote:

A student is marked tardy again for being late to class. Does s/he

ask, "How many _tardys_ do I have now?" or

"How many _tardies_ do I have now?"

I see it in local print both ways. Neither is in the dictionary. Is

one spelling "right"?

Tom Uharriet