Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 12:37:04 -0400


Subject: Re: English-only

English should never become a second language in America. If it were not

so, the founding fathers would have written the constitution in several

other languages. I feel it is a disgrace when considerations to alter

American society for the betterment of the less fortunant is ridiculous.

My grandparents came from Italy, and had to learn English if they wanted

to succeed in life. Thus, I feel if someone does not know or want to

learn English...TOUGH! Furthermore, it is disgusting to go down towards

Miami or Southern California and seeing all those Spanish signs. It

almost makes me feel as if I were in mexico (yes thats a small 'm').

Also, it is a waste of my tax dollars on teaching young immigrants their

native languages rather than the English language. The breakdown of one

source of communication is another aspect of how this country is falling


To continue, conservatives attacking the liberals......poor baby! Hello,

wake-up call! The liberals have attacked the conservative viewpoints for

over 30 years, right? And, they have had this country in their control

for that longer, or longer, right? And, finally they have been forcing

their liberal views on this society long enough. It is way past due for

America to stand up again and realize what this countrys core values are.

I am not against homosexuals, women who feel they need abortions, or

against any viewpoint the liberals might have. I just feel we need to

re-evaluate how we deal with teen-age sex, drugs, crime, and racism. I

am so tired of everybody crying foul, and saying this group offended this

group. Come on WAKE-UP AMERICA......pitts off!

Still a Patriot!