Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 23:53:25 EDT


Subject: Re: secret codes

If we don't understand uuencoding and the other things that new technologies

allow us to do, do we really have any right to say that the NEH should

give us money?

Increasingingly I find technology being used by humans who are not in control

of it and it scares me. I don't know why, but I still think the people

using the machines should be smarter than the machines.

As objections arise, I need to point out that the we of my first sentence

emcompasses a wide group of people. Some of you already know, I hope, that

my comments do not apply to you.

Pardon me, while I go back to work. I accidentally whipped out my

config.sys and autoexec.bat files when I meant to delete files on my

a: drive. It was at first a frustration, but now I see it as an

opportunity to rethink what I do. Now if I can only configure the

programs I have been loading. Something to do with mapping.

Bye the bye, thanks, Don and Virginia.

PS: Natalie, I need to ask you to force remove a group of people from

ADS-L. Our domain name here has been changed to direct mail to more than

1 machine via a nameserver, and so people can't unsub because of the

reply-to header in the messages. (And they don't know how to

customize headers or use EMACS--the god command application of all

applications in UNIX). Last year I asked students in a class to

sub to ADS-L as a class requirement and either post or reply to a

query. At semester's end many did not unsub and they donh't

read their mail and our usemail dir is filling up with stuff.

BE WARNED: I am using the same assignment this fall with a new

group of students. BUt I need to clean things up both here and

there first. Reply to let me know what info you need to do the





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