Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 22:04:26 -0500

From: Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CWIS.UNOMAHA.EDU

Subject: Intro Texts

I'm using the St Martin's Language: Introductory Readings. (there's

a new 5th ed.) This is the third time I've used it. This is also

a 400 level intro, required for teachers and the 1st course in

an esl endorsement. I like the approach using some "real" readings.

(I miss the Bickerton article in this edition.) I do have to supplement--

teach using data sets which I have to put together. But it's the

third time around and I have a good file now. Intro here is taught

by three of us. It feeds into Structure course, taught by only one

(not me). The other two use standard textbooks for the course.

My students, I have been assured, come equally well prepared for

Sturcture. My theory is that students forget a LOT from the

intro course under most circumstances and that having done real

readings that use the concepts (as in language acquisition studies)

increases the likelihood of remembering the concepts involved.

My students who have gone into Structure have also assured me that

they were better at phonology than others but not as good in

syntax. I'm trying to rectify that this time around.


Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

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