Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:24:54 -0500 From: Jesse T Sheidlower Subject: Re: sea change > > < father lies;/Of his bones are coral made:/Those are pearls that > were his eyes:/Nothing of him that doth fade,/But doth suffer a > sea-change/Into something rich and strange." (I.ii) > > Here it means 'a change brought about by the sea', but it's > now used to mean 'any major transformation'.>> Monkmag writes: > > I also remember a similar line spoken by Daedalus in Joyce's Ulysses, which > probably refers back to the earlier Tempest reference. "A seachange this, brown eyes saltblue. Seadeath, mildest of all deaths known to man. Old Father Ocean. Prix de Paris: beware of imitations. Just you give it a fair trial. We enjoyed ourselves immensely." A few paragraphs earlier, he riffs on some of the "full fathom five" stuff. Jesse Sheidlower