Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 15:43:38 EST From: Monkmag Subject: Re: the mindlessness of "bless you" In a message dated 10/23/97 9:29:26 AM, you wrote: <<2. As an atheist, I'm unot especially delighted when people saying prayers on my behalf (at least vocal ones in my presence). It seems rather "mindless" to assume that I want to be prayed over! I should add that I am much too polite a person not to respond with "thank you" to a proferred "Bless you"--in fact, what maybe others me REALLY about the "Bless you" routine is that sometimes people seem irritated with me if I don't say "Bless you" when THEY sneeze. I should add also that I don't have a lot invested in all this--there are a LOT of times when I feel out of touch with my own culture, as for example when people ASSUME that I am interested in sports (who IS Dean Smith, anyway?--recently somebody asked me to observe a moment of silence in honor of Mr. Smith's impending retirement!) or that I drink alcoholic beverages. >> Mega Ibids.