Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:50:13 -0600 From: "Emerson, Jessie J" Subject: Re: The "n" word and M-W Collegiate Dict Are you proposing that M_W do this? Including every sense/meaning of every word (which would seem to be the next logical progression) in every dialect/community of English would fall outside the scope of M_W's collegiate dictionary. That would involve a many-volumed DARE? Jessie From Albert E. Krahn: > This is indeed what is in this dictionary, and it is clearly > incomplete. > For example, the final sentence is far too weak. The expression "not > always > intended or taken as offensive" is misleading. > What it all boils down to is context: We need to know who is speaking > to > whom -- and much more -- to discover what meaning might be intended. > > akra > >