Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 07:03:29 -0500 From: RABINRL[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BUFFALOSTATE.EDU Subject: Re: ADS-L Digest - 28 Oct 1997 to 29 Oct 1997 Subject: The word Yid From: "Ron Rabin" >From my experience, the word Yid remains totally uncontaminated for Jews by its use elsewhere as a epithet. The word Yid in Yiddish means Jew, and in general discussion means "man" (generic) or "one," e.g., a man's lot in life, one does not cross the road so quickly. The word has always meant Jew, just as Yiddish means Jewish (and is also the name of the language). Leo Roston's _The Joy of Yiddish_ is no great linguistic source. There are so many pronunciation variations among Yiddish speakers that it just cannot be said that a particular difference (Yid rhymes with "deed" or "did" having different connotations) is generally meaningful.