Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:37:27 -0600 From: "Emerson, Jessie J" Subject: Re: PC Dictionaries? >From Donald M. Lance: > Does anyone still use n-words to refer to the dark-skinned people from > southern India? I doubt it. The original Sambo was South Indian, I > understand, reflecting British racial feelings, but would anyone > nowadays > use this term for anyone except people with some sub-Saharan African > heritage. I think the references to "dark skin" are skirting the > issue of > actual usage. Both of my WV friend's terms could be applied (by him, > BUT > NOT ME!!!, of course) to individuals with rather light skin. > I've heard of desert dwellers in North Africa and the middle east with darker skin referred to by racists as "sand niggers." Maybe the racist usage is generally for people with sub-Saharan African heritage, but with modifiers can apply to other areas. I've never heard the term above used in any way except as a racist epithet. (Note: I've taught English as a Second Language for a number of years.) Jessie Emerson