Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:47:04 -0800 From: Gail Stygall Subject: Re: PC Dictionaries? Jesse: You miss my point. There is nothing -- other than some very human decisions made by people like you -- that demands that a dictionary define by what you call what it "means." I don't think I or many other people would have any trouble figuring out what it "means" by starting with epithet. The Harper Collins CoBuild, for example, begins the definition of "nigger" with "a word . . ." Semantics remains the most slippery of the linguistic levels and yet you make it sound as if what it "means" is utterly transparent. Gail ______________________________________________________________________________ Gail Stygall (206) 543-2190 Director, Expository Writing Program Editor, _CCCC Bibliography of Composition and Rhetoric_ English, Box 354330, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195-4330 ______________________________________________________________________________