Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:26:55 -0500 From: CARRIE SUSANN ADDINGTON Subject: Re: topic. On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Jody wrote: JODY- i was wondering how long it would be until you brought up rat's ass. sorry about the falty message sent before. I have heard the term rat's ass quite frequently in my hometown, and I can honestly say, I have no idea of its importance. I suppose just another slang term. If someone were to reply to me that they didn't give a rat's ass what I was saying, I would have to be offended with their implication that my statement was as ugly and unimportant as a rat's ass-pretty offending. Carrie > Class discussion has lead to a question about a specific term used quite > often in the English language (at least, the English language to which I > am accustomed to listening).....the term "rat's ass" (i.e. I don't give a > rat's ass what he says!) What does it really mean? And where does it > originate? Also, are there any other terms that are similar in makeup > and usage? > > Thanks > Jody > > \\|// > ( 0-0 ) > -----.ooo0--(_)--0ooo.----- > Joseph Charles Streible, Jr. > ====> "Jody" > jcstre01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Morehead State University > .ooo0 > ------( )-----0ooo.------ > \ ( ( ) > \_) ) / > (_/ > Carrie Susann Addington SCHOOL: HOME: 403 E. Main St. 2100 W. Sun Valley Pkwy. Morehead, KY 40351 Muncie, IN 47303 (606)780-0781 (317)747-0809