Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:57:25 -0500 From: Jesse T Sheidlower Subject: Re: PC Dictionaries? Steve Nolden writes: > If he [sc. the Publisher of MW] called all white people "Peckerwoods" > then all white people would most likely be offended. Being labeled is > not a good thing. I cant see how someone can support Merriam's > definition. Personally, since the dictionary wants to define black > people as "Niggers" then the dictionary should include all derogatory > statements about all races. The dictionary _does_ include derogatory terms referring to other racial or ethnic groups, a point also not often mentioned in this discussion. Merriam includes _peckerwood_ with the definition "a rural white Southerner--often used disparagingly." Most of the college dictionaries define this, and also include such words as "kike," "wop," "mick," and others. No one is getting singled out. Jesse Sheidlower