Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:58:11 -0400 From: Grant Barrett Subject: RE>Re: "Bless you" (was "Good morning") Lynne's idea that politeness does not equal mindless chatter about nothing is on the mark. I'm afraid (not really, but it's another one of those phrases we use and don't mean) that Melissa's attitude is far more common. Except in New York. I think the human collective known as "New York City" has come to an agreement that there is not enough time in the day for insincere, essentially dishonest, pleasantries. Whereas New Yorkers might be called rude, I think "curt" or "abrupt" or "to the point" might be more accurate. Southern gentility, as far as I'm concerned, is merely a delusional mask for the bad wiring and malfunctions that make up your average human being. The Southern collective has come to an agreement to participate in the group-deception known as "gentility." That said, you should know that I'm the same guy who finds hello and goodbye to be superfluous when using the phone and have been known to end intracontinental calls with a single "goodbye" rather than with the usual square dance of see ya's, goodbyes, I love you's, take care's, alright's, okay's, mbye's, etc. Grant Barrett Former Missourian, now living in New York City PS: Famous dead people are visiting my living room and trying to have conversations. Barry Popik, where are you?