Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 08:49:15 -0400 From: Gregory {Greg} Downing Subject: Bargee At 02:52 PM 10/16/97 +0900, you wrote: >I am a new subscriber to your system. I am Japanese translator. >I want to know the meaning of a word. I will write down the >context of the book (The Railway >Children:by the British author E.Nesbit: 1906) > > "You mustn't take no notice of my Bill (a bargee)" Bargee = bargeman, person who pilots or works on a river- or canal-barge (OED). If you do a good deal of translating from early 20th cent. UK English, you may want to keep in mind, for occasional use, Wright's multi-vol. _English Dialect Dictionary_, published in the 1890s and the first years of the then-new century. This listserv is for US English, though. Does anyone know of a listserv for UK English and dialect? Greg Downing/NYU, at greg.downing[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]