Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 08:51:50 -0700 From: Peter Richardson Subject: Re: NPR interviews Here's the information about that NPR interview. The program was Weekend Edition Sunday, 8-24-97. To get the tape and transcript of the DARE spot and the Labov interview (each about 7 minutes), you have to order the whole thing; they're on sides 3 and 4, with the Labov interview--unfortunately!--interrupted at the end of the reel on side 3. (You may want to re-record this part so you have it on one side for class use.) To get the tape and transcript, I called NPR customer service at 800-959-4228. The cost was $24.95, plus $2.95 shipping. The tape came in about a week, although they'd warned me that it might take three. If you prefer to write, the address is NPR - FDCH, INC. 1100 Mercantile Lane Suite #119 Landover, MD 20785 It's possible to order the transcript by itself, or the transcript/tape combo. The tape is not available alone, unfortunately. One can easily listen past the typed "social linguistics" for "sociolinguistics," but Labov's original "75-100 years" comes out "7,500 years"--a slight difference when we're dealing with language history... But otherwise the transcript is pretty good. PR P.S. The address of "Mercantile Lane" above makes me wonder what other utilitarian addresses there might be out there. I'm ashamed to say that we have near us here in western Oregon (of all places!) a "Chem-Spray Lane"--with the Chem-Spray company proudly hunkered down at its terminus. But maybe with all the pseudo stuff around (Oak View Terrace, no oaks in sight) this is just honesty in advertising.