Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 14:16:18 -0600 From: charles fritz juengling Subject: Re: NPR interviews >I don't recall any references on these screens (pages?) to the August 24th >Weekend Sunday interviews with Joan Hall, Frederick Cassidy, and William >Labov. The first two gave a nice account of the DARE work, and Labov had >some interesting tape snippets illustrating the northern cities shift and >the southern shift. I sent off to NPR for the tapes and script, and just >used them to provoke a fine class discussion (i.e. lots of student >engagement) of slang, leveling, etc. They're good conversation starters, >and I'd recommend them to one and all. > >Peter Richardson Peter, can you supply address of NPR? What's the cost of the tape and script? Thanks Fritz Juengling Fritz Juengling Foreign Languages and Literature Department St. Cloud State University