Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 19:36:28 -0400 From: "Peter L. Patrick" Subject: Re: The Lords Prayer/Ebonics I know we had a lot of discussion about the purveying of racist jokes (and other kinds) in the wake of the Ebonics controversy. I too think that simply passing them along as "interesting" condones them or lends the mantle of "scientific interest" to behavior that I am sure most people on the list do not tolerate in person, and I would like to second Sali's indignation -- regardless of the motives behind the act. I am chiming in because there IS a way to address the topic usefully as linguists, and that is by considering the materials cited in the light of language ideology research. Maggie Ronkin and Helen Karn, students here at Georgetown's program, will be presenting a paper on this topic at aDS in NYC, likening "Mock Ebonics" to Jane Hill's work on "Junk Spanish" as a system of strategies for representing racist stereotypes. Since I don't want to seem to take credit for the ideas, which are Maggie and Helen's own, I won't summarize them here, but Maggie is on the list and I'm sure wo0uldn't mind if interested people contacted her on the topic at ronkinm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] I recommend the talk to all, having heard an early version of it in my AAVE seminar a few weeks ago. --peter patrick