Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 14:10:43 EDT From: Michael Montgomery Subject: Dialect in Literature With regard to the use of dialect in literature, I don't believe anyone has mentioned the following very useful book-length work: Burkett, Eva M. 1978. American English dialects in literature. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow. also I might refer to the lengthy chapter of 149 items in my _Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English_. This includes unpublished dissertations and theses. Graham Shorrocks has a very useful recent essay on the distinction between "dialect in literature" and "literary dialect" in the memorial volume for Ossi Ihalainen, edited by Matti Rissanen et al. in the Bamberg monograph series on English linguistics. Sali, don't be so shocked that Twain and Faulkner and authors of similar stature were so heavily dependent on stereotyping. They knew that this is what their audiences expected. However, a case can be made that they were more successful in differentiating characters and styles through representing dialect; for references, see a number of works in the aforementioned bibliographies. Michael Montgomery Dept of English Univ of South Carolina Columbia SC 29208