Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 11:28:39 -0500 From: Elizabeth Gregory Subject: Re: pop one's fingers -Reply FWIW, I am a native Alabamian (born in Montgomery in 1962), and I don't use this term; I say "snap" instead. However, the person I remember using the term most (and I don't remember her ever using "snap") was an African-American woman born in 1902 on a farm near Montgomery. She was a very dear friend of my family, and I spent the vast majority of my time with her when I was a child. And she was in fact the person who taught me how to "pop" my fingers! I must have used "pop" as a child (I adopted many of the features of her dialect), but I don't recall the switch to "snap." Elizabeth Gregory e-gregory[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]