Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 14:45:15 -0400 From: Orin Hargraves Subject: Editing Opportunity Editors and/or lexicographers who meet ALL of the following criteria are invited to inquire about the possibility of doing freelance editing, possibly leading to other related tasks. Editors chosen will be compensated on a competitive hourly rate of pay and have the possibility = of working on a long-term, interesting project. You must: 1. be computer literate; be able to quickly learn a proprietary Windows-based software package and work on screen; have an IBM-compatible= PC, preferably with a Pentium chip and a CD-ROM drive; and have e-mail capability. 2. be a native speaker of American English. 3. have some editing experience, preferably in the field of reference or lexicography. 4. be sensitive to the differences between British and American diction, orthography, grammar, and usage. 5. be able to work at least 15, and up to 30 hours per week. Please do not reply unless you meet ALL of the qualifications. Please do not respond to the list (I am not reading it at present) but to my e-mail= address, which appears below. Please do not forward this announcement to other lists, though you are welcome to forward it to any qualified individuals you may know. = Interested individuals may reply by e-mail with a cover letter highlighti= ng pertinent experience and qualifications, and/or a CV or resume. These documents may be zipped or uuencoded to insure intact delivery if you wis= h. If you send word processor files, MS Word is preferred. Reply to: OKH[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Thank you! Orin Hargraves