End of ADS-L Digest - 1 Oct 1997 to 2 Oct 1997 ********************************************** Subject: ADS-L Digest - 2 Oct 1997 to 3 Oct 1997 There are 15 messages totalling 705 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Language Nazi (2) 2. ADS luncheon at annual meeting (2) 3. pop one's fingers (6) 4. Editing Opportunity 5. Re[2]: pop one's fingers 6. Re[2]: I found it! 7. Hi, I though you mught like this 8. Television & Radio research; T.T.F.N. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 02:59:33 -0400 From: Gareth Branwyn Subject: Re: Language Nazi In a message dated 10/3/97 2:15:50 AM, Bapopik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM wrote: >This is from the syndicated cartoon "The Modern World" by Tom Tomorrow, >10-1-97, tomorrow[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]well.com: > >PANEL 1: >"Feminazis" would like women to have the same opportunities in life as men. [...deletia...] >CHARACTER TWO: What are you--some kind of LANGUAGE NAZI? Has anyone made a list of all the "[blank] nazis" in popular usage? There must be dozens. In Jargon Watch, we've had "body nazis" (fitness obsessives who look down on the not-as-fit), "white light nazis" (new agers) and "rural nazification" (the growing number of militias, klan and skinhead groups, etc.). -------------------------------------------- Gareth Branwyn garethb2[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]aol.com, http://home.earthlink.net/~garethb2/ Contributing editor, Wired Co-author of the _Happy Mutant Handbook_ and _Internet Power Toolkit_ Author of _Jargon Watch: A Pocket Dictionary for the Jitterati_ (HardWired)