Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 00:09:57 -0500 From: James C Stalker Subject: Re: ?Earliest Citation o > > I think the *Bite me!* business is just about played out, but I wanted to ask > if there was any particular reason why the original request was for a printed > citation--or the date when the expression was first in print. Few of the > responses actually gave a print date and the earliest recollections are about > 30 years before the 1977 date given in Lighter. Does the person who began this > thread want to comment on the need for an in-print date? It would be interesting to know the reason for a print citation. > I asked my 18yr old informant about the underlying meaning of "bite me." He says tht it is equivalent to "fuck you." It is not "bite my ass" but rather "bite my penis." It is not limited to male speakers, nor to male listeners. He also considers it somewhat "out of fashion." These things do come and go, as it were.