Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 23:21:04 -0700 From: Rima & Kim McKinzey Subject: English-southern style I've forwarded a bunch of the y'all discussion to my inlaws - she a native of Oklahoma and he a native of Texas and later OK. My father-in-law responded with the following and I thought I'd pass it along. Rima > >Thanks for the info ya'll sent on southern words. I wish to add comments >from this simple Tex/Ok person to your collection. > >Ya'll-Plural to shorten "all of you", "you all" or the yankee version of >"youse guys". Also a familiarity word for "you". (Saves having to use 2 >words when >one will cover both. > >Y'uns-Commonly used with younger persons as "you younguns" but also is a >familiarity word used with more then one adult or to a mixed group. > (Again a conservation of words). > >These two words are symptomatic of the characterization of southern persons as >being persons of few words plus southern people typically speak more slowly so >they have to find a way to combine words to keep up with the communicating >speed of their yankee kinfolks.