Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 10:33:25 -0600 From: "Salikoko S. Mufwene" Subject: Re: y'all are crazy >> earlier), that "all" in "y'all" (why not "yall" by the way) has already >> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ > Good question. The answer in my case is old habit of spelling it "y'all." > I do find Michael Montgomery's suggestions convincing that it is not a > contraction of "you-all," however. Natalie: Can you remind me where Michael Montgomery's suggestions were expressed (publication or manuscript)? I know he discussed "y'all/yall" somewhere, but I really do not remember off the top of my head. Sali. ********************************************************************** Salikoko S. Mufwene s-mufwene[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] University of Chicago 312-702-8531 Department of Linguistics FAX: 312-702-9861 1010 East 59th Street Chicago, IL 60637 **********************************************************************