Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 11:43:40 -0500 From: Charles F Juengling Subject: Re: the dictionary of stereotypes Some of these have probably been mentioned, but here goes anyway: German measles German cockroach to Jew down Indian giver to gyp American Know-how American ingenuity Irish coffee Chinese checkers Chinese firedrill Spanish fly French bath Amazon bonehead English Nigger sweat Dutch act Dutch blessing Dutch cheese Dutch blessing Dutch cap Dutch courage Dutch f... Dutch leave Dutch head Dutchman's hurricane Dutchman's breeches Dutch rub Dutch milk Dutch route Dutch ride Eskimo kiss Eskimo pie English (has several meanings as far as I am aware) French blue French cap French deck French f... French leave " furlough " handshake " harp Jew's harp French inhale " landing " letter " liberty " Kiss " polish " postcard " safe " tickler German goiter Yankee know-how yankee ingenuity Yankee ax Dutch bake-oven For other items, Check Mathews' _Dictionary of Americanisms_. A quick perusal rendered dozens of items undr both Yankee and Dutch. I'm sure more would be found under other group names. Fritz Juengling