Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 16:53:48 -0500 From: "Kathleen M. O'Neill" Subject: Re: Ornery Kathleen Hey! I resemble that remark. Tee hee. I suppose there was _some_ ambiguity in Elaine's statement about the number of syllables in "ornery," but come on. :-) Funny you should mention that, though... (Funny strange, not... nevermind.) All my life I've noticed that some people have a tendency to pronounce my name with three syllables. "KATH' uh LEEN''" or somethin'. But I haven't noticed a regional trend one way or the other. Kate >As a general rule, can we say that _ornery_ usually has three >syllables in the eastern states and two in the west? And that the >first "r" is pronounced in the east? > >Likewise, does Kathleen have two syllables in the west and three in >the east? > >> I was born in Baltimore, and raised in the Suburbs between Baltimore and >> D.C.. I say ornery with three syllables like Kathleen, not like her >> Mother from Baltimore. >> Elaine Green > > > > >Tom Uharriet >utom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >