Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:27:42 -0400 From: "M. Lynne Murphy" <104LYN[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA> Subject: Re: Terrorism vs. sabotage terrorism is what is done by people you (or at least the govt) don't like. if we get back to the roots of "terrorism"--it would seem that the object of terrorism is to terrify. it's not done to keep the train from getting somewhere, but to make a statement, like "we're the anarchists, so don't mess with us". whereas sabotage, it seems to me, would have as its aim the stopping of the train or the downfall of amtrak or some such thing. lynne, who hasn't heard anything about amtrak derailings --------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Lynne Murphy 104lyn[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of Linguistics phone: 27(11)716-2340 University of the Witwatersrand fax: 27(11)716-4199 Johannesburg 2050 SOUTH AFRICA