Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 00:05:47 -0700 From: Sylvia Swift Subject: as it were > I have heard the phrase, "as it were," such as, "The ball was round, as it > were." The question I have, though, stems from the use of the plural > past tense "were." If it were to be "grammatically" correct, would that > not be "as it was"? Or is this a regional type of thing? Just a thought! if i were you, i'd check out "subjunctive mood" in a handbook of english. then again, when i look it up in _the modern writer's handbook_, i see, "the subjunctive mood is falling into disuse." witness dilbert mccoy's current hit (country song), "if i was a drinkin' man." sylvia swift madonna[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]