Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 11:36:09 EDT From: Naomi Nagy Subject: NWAVE hand-outs This message is for those who will be speaking at NWAVE. We estimate about 180 people attending the conference. There will be 3 (and on Sat. afternoon, 4) parallel sessions. Thus, you should provide at least 60 hand-outs for your talk. In order to facilitate distribution, your hand-out should be placed on the table next to the entrance of the room where you will be speaking BEFORE YOUR SESSION BEGINS. Extra hand-outs from earlier sessions will be made available in the book exhibit area. Also, due to the importance of having a question-answer period following each talk, session chairs will be quite strict about stopping speakers at the end of 20 minutes in order to have 5 full minutes for questions. Please respect this and plan your talk accordingly. Thank you, Naomi Nagy