Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 16:31:48 -0400 From: Seth Sklarey Subject: Re: Polk salad and rampy stuff >Someone asked, "what is poke salad?" > >Polk is a wild green (kin, I guess, to mustard and collards and stuff) That >is a COOKED "salit." At least one company still cans it commercially, I >think. When I waas interviewing in Newton County, AR, in 1970, people >were gathering it to sell to the cannery. > >But who knows about ramps? East Tennessee hosts an annual Ramp Festival, >complete with a Ramp Queen and a band and sometimes the guv. Ramps are >kin to wild onions and they are traditionally the first spring >vegetable to poke up from under the snow or ice. They taste >wonderful, but they have a goddawful smell. The first time I went to the >Ramp Festival, a group of us went on to Gatlinburg from the Festival >and we left raw ramps in the ar in the sunlight. The car stank for days. >Newspapers have carried stories about kids who ate them on the way to >school and were summarily sent back home after they arrived, not >bating their breath. > >BTW, collards is the "green" I grew up on, and it remains my favorite -- >except when I am having Spinach Maria. > >Bethany Dumas >dumasB[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > >hi fromcrissie & welcome to the net