Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 18:10:34 EDT From: Stephanie Hysmith Subject: Mondegreens Ohio University Electronic Communication Date: 06-Oct-1995 05:53pm EST To: Remote Addressee ( _mx%"ads-l[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" ) From: Stephanie Hysmith Dept: English HYSMITH Tel No: 614-593-2743 Subject: Mondegreens Molly Dickmeyer asked for the citation for the article I remembered. I'll try to pull it off from our library's network and let you know. In the meantime, if anyone was in the medical profession in the mid '70s, you might remember the name of a physician who published fairly regularly in the _New England Journal of Medicine_ and who generally wrote hilarious articles. One in particular was about the benefits of chicken soup. It went something like, "If a patient is admitted to the emergency room suffering from severe influenza symtoms, he should immediately be administered 50 cc. of chicken soup, to be followed by subsequent doses..." Well, you get the idea. At the end of the article under references, he listed "my mother." Is this helpful? I don't know what sources are available to you. Mine are somewhat limited, and my source for these articles was in another life. I apologize for my delay in responding. I am on a remote modem that is slow as the proverbial molassas. Thanks for everyone's additions to my list. Stephanie Hysmith Received: 06-Oct-1995 06:10pm