Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 22:49:45 -0400 From: Seth Sklarey Subject: Re: icebox and upstate >Lynne writes, > >>well, to my mind, the lower hudson valley is not upstate--anything >>south of albany (and not in the southern tier) is downstate. but >>nobody asked us western new yorkers. > >Clearly, as we've been seeing, it's all relative--in fact we all seem to be >operating with maps in our heads corresponding to that famous Steinberg New >Yorker cover. But what I was particularly curious about was... > >>Lynne, from newark, new york (NO! NOT NEW JERSEY!) > >whether Lynne and her fellow-Newark(NY)ers disambiguate their home town the >way people in New-ARK, Delaware do. At least I assume the latter is one level >a conscious attempt to dissociate Newark, Del. from the "real" Newark, rather >than just a local practice on the level of CHAY-lie, NY (in Greece-Chili, the >suburb of Rochester), KAI-ro (Cairo) Illinois, BER-lin Conn., etc. (I suppose >the various BER-lins may be disambiguators too, especially if the pronunciation >shifted around 1914.) > Does anyone happen to know if there's a treatment of this variety of taboo >avoidance? > >Larry > For my two cents I will add Salina, Kansas and Salinas, California, one of which is pronounce Saleena, and the othe Sal-I-nas. Which of course led to the age-old question: Is the capitol of Kansas pronuonced Witchitaw or Wicheeta? A geography gold star to the "correct" answer. Seth Sklaey Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word coconut Grove, FL