Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 07:49:31 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: 'chili' or 'chile' Bob, I have encountered no such regularity (although, as you well know, the folk repondents you may have heard would, like all other nonlinguists, have wanted to impose some). Here is what I know: chilli (Nahuatl) for the pepper itself. Variants in both Spanish and English include (at least) chilli, chile, and chili; I do not know about the Spanish dialectal distribution; I assume the spellings in Spanish reflect real pronunciation differences but that they do not in English (see just below). I personally always say 'chili' (chilly) in English and 'chile' (CHEE-lay) in Spanish for everything - the pepper, the dried powder, the dish (whether soupy or thick, with (ugh!) or without (yum!) beans, etc.... I use these pronunciations regardless of spelling. Of course, there are North and South Chili ('chay-lie') New York (outside Rochester), but that is another matter. Dennis Preston (not a southwestern dialectologist) preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]> >Dictionaries seem to list these as variant spellings, but I seem to >recall from a cooking class I once took in Santa Fe that 'chile' refers >to the pepper and the powder and 'chili' to some strange kind of soup >made in Texas. > >Can any southwestern-savvy dialectologist come to my rescue? > >Bob Wachal