Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 00:29:11 -0700 From: Rima & Kim McKinzey Subject: Re: ice box I think this might just be a question of age - or the age of one's parents. When there were only ice boxes - that's what they were called. If your parents/grandparents continued to call the appliance that kept food cold and ice box even when it was a refrigerator - I'd suspect you'd keep calling it what you heard as a child when you learned the names of things. Does this also apply to the string bean/green bean? On the other hand, in my very first independent apt., the refrigerator was a Philco. Upon cleaning it after moving in, I discovered that the metal letters were only stuck in the door with little metal dowels. I rearanged them, and thereafter had a Ploich. Rima