Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 12:52:29 EDT From: DANIELLE L LEVITT Subject: Re: icebox and upstate (fwd) David Wrote: > > A storyteller in the lower Hudson Valley has been having a bit of a debate > with another person on the definition of upstate in New York. He grew up in > Westcherster (I believe). That's the first county in New York State north of > New York City. To residents of New York City and Westchester/Putnam County, > where does upstate begin? Pick a town (or city) or other landmark. In terms > of the linguistic atlas data, I suspect that the increase of territory in the > commutershed of New York City has pushed the "line" north at least to > Poughkeepsie on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. West of the Hudson > River the "line" may be as close as Newburgh or even farther south. > > David K. Barnhart > Barnhart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Being from the Hudson Valley and having much family from the Bronx and in and around Manhatten, it always seemed that to the folks living within the city, upstate New York began right outside the city limits. Say, maybe, Orange County. But to me, living about an hour outside the city, right next to West Point, upstate New York seemed more like past Albany. And central New York was asound Syracuse. Danielle Levitt dllevi01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]