Date: Sun, 1 Oct 1995 15:56:49 -0700 From: "Joseph B. Monda" Subject: Re: icebox I, born in Wenatchee, Washington, in 1929, remember when we had an icebox. We used to go Columbia ice, get two-bits' worth of ice (25lbs) which we'd carry home on the rear bumper of the car, a 1929 Chevvie. I must have been about six when we finally got a "refrigerator.' But I still often call such a device an icebox, to the embarrassment of my offspring. I have fond memories of hot summer days when we'd follow the iceman around, trying to get him to come up with chips of ice for us to suck. He was kind enough to let us snitch some, and growl and threaten us with the law. His name was Mr. Bretz and he was phenomenally strong. so it goes Joe Monda