Date: Sun, 1 Oct 1995 09:42:10 -0600 From: Katherine Catmull Subject: icebox At 8:54 AM 10/1/95 -0400, John J Staczek wrote: > I've a further question, what do we see as the distribution of >'ice box'? I grew up with that in Toledo and notice that I use it more >often than the other usual suspects of 'fridge, refrigerator, reefer, >frigidaire. Wouldn't the distribution be by age rather than geography? My mother (b. 1930, Minnesota) used "icebox" somewhat more often than "refrigerator" or "fridge," and I (b. 1958, Utah) mimicked her usage when I was a child. Now I almost ever hear "icebox," and I never use it. Kate Catmull kate[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]